Safety & Security Window Film

SMP Safety & Security Window Film provides protection from intruders, wind and earthquake damage.

Our Safety film helps eliminate an intruder’s easiest point of entry which is a broken window. This film makes a window much more difficult to shatter, and they hold the broken glass firmly within the window frame. These actions make a burglar’s access much more difficult, noisy and time consuming. Eliminating easy access is the greatest deterrent to a break-in, and greatly heightens security for your family and property. Our safety film provides around the clock protection for the people and possessions you value most.


SMP Safety film helps hold broken glass in place following storm damage thus offering protection from flying glass shards as well as subsequent wind and rain. Our safety film provides continuous window safety and protection, and are not obtrusive like plywood, or other window coverings that block your view. Our safety films are available in clear, as well as tinted options with visible light (VLT) ratings from 86% to 96%.

Storms are not the only natural forces which can inflict window damage. Earthquakes cause tremendous stress and compression, which can fracture untreated glass windows and doors, sending dangerous shards of glass into your interior. SMP Safety film offers substantial protection, reducing the possibility of personal injury or property damage by helping to restrain broken glass shards.

Please allow time for installation and product curing, which can take 30-90 days for some products.

Some of the areas Multi-Layered Window Film can help in are the following:

  • Multi-layer construction reduces total application and removal costs versus single layer protection

  • Optically transparent polyester film provides glass-like appearance

  • Durable top-coat layer prevents light scratches caused by installation, wiping, cleaning or abrasion

  • Optimized inter-layer adhesive provides firm, adequate adhesion yet fast and easy removal

  • Blocks more than 98% of UV light that can degrade plastics and fabrics


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